Real Talk: creative colors

Let’s have some real talk on creative vibrant colors. Because not all hair color is created equal. With the gray trend making a huge wave last year and with no sign of pastels slowing down I think we should all be on the same page. I love (LOVE) fun colors. I have said it before and continue to tell people, I am so lucky to have gotten into hair when I did. Seamless beautiful natural colors right along side creative rainbow colored tones; it’s a dream to get to create these looks on the daily. With these jeweled, pastel, or muted hair colors comes a number of things that should be known.

The health of your hair is the top priority (gorgeous color doesn’t translate on unhealthy broken hair) and your hair is likely to undergo a major change when going colorful. Whether you are starting from natural or previous colored hair you should be prepared to have you hair feel different. Use the “good” stuff, the lightener, the treatment and the at home product. Not only will quality products protect your hair in the process, it will insure the life of the color and continued health of your hair.

These colors take time. That might be an 8 hour session or that might be 3-4 separate appointments. The best thing to do is to book a consultation. Your stylist can then see your hair, decide what is best and book accordingly. They take time depending on your hair, what color you have done before and how quickly your hair lifts. The hair has to be light enough to achieve the creative color you choose. With red and orange tones we can start with a warmer palette. With pastels, blues, and grays the hair has to be very light and void of those warm yellow tones. When trying to achieve cobalt blue the last thing you want is swamp green. So knowing that, it’s good to know that you might be a light brown, dark blonde, a blonde, a really light blonde all before getting to be lavender.

The cost of creative colors is pricey. You should be prepared to have a decent budget in order to achieve the look the you want. And with these looks potentially requiring more than one session make sure to budget for those additional sessions.

Your bright (or pastel) colored hair is going to be high maintenance. It’s not the laid back Cali surfer; it’s the super extra and intense New Yorker. Once you have the color you want, it’s possible that you could be back in the salon the next week for a refresh glaze and then again a few weeks after that. Each time you layer that creative tone over your hair you gain a little more longevity. I know I said it before, but you will definitely want to invest in the at home products to get the maximum protection for your new hair.

We want you to have all the information because getting into something without knowing the process can be terrifying and stressful. It’s totally worth it though, its an incredible feeling to completely rock hot pink, shocking blue or moody purple hair!



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