We live in a world full of updates. Is your style keeping up?

Do you have the latest version of iOS? Have you updated your bank app lately? Things are constantly changing today, updating and becoming better. You may wonder, how does that apply to your style? I’ve come up with three totally simple ways to give yourself a little refresh.

1) Don’t have this week for color? There are a lot more options! In the salon we have this thing called a Colorance. Our stylist use the term glaze. A glaze can be used for various reasons including color balancing after a highlight, adjusting the tone of the existing hair and enhance your fresh color. But did you know there is such thing as a clear glaze? This helps add smoothness, shine and manageability to your hair in one quick session.

*The fine print: Typically takes around 45 min. Cost will vary depending on your hair!

2) Need a cut update? These little changes make a huge difference: fringe, layers and texturizing. Fringe has so many options! Straight across, thick, side-swept, long. While some bangs, like straight across, require a  bit more commitment, long, soft, side-swept ones are easy to keep up with and can change the way our face looks completely! Not to mention, it adds endless styling benefits. Layering and texturizing are two things that really help out our curly girls! If you want to wear your hair long, but still have bounce, add some layers! This takes out weight that pulls on your curls giving you that flat at the scalp and poofy at the bottom look. (Side note, layerless and thick hair can actually cause headaches, too!)

3) Product change: sometimes all you need for a little pick me up is introducing a new product to the party. Want effortless beach waves? Pick up some Arrojo Styling Whip and Wave Mist. Boom! Want a sleeker blowout? Try Arrojo Dry Conditioner (yes, that’s a thing!) or Goldwell’s Flat Marvel. Stop by the salon where any of our stylist would be happy to help you pick something out! Sometimes these little adjustments are just enough to give us the umph we need! Give us a call or come see us so we can update to the newest version of you!

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