Dear men…

Dear men,

Have you ever sat in your hairstylist’s chair and been utterly confused by the questions they ask? “How did your haircut do?” “How do you style your hair?” “What kind of finish do you like?” …I’m sorry, what? One of my close guy friends recently told me, “I don’t understand the questions, so I just let my stylist do whatever they want.” This can result in hair that is too long, too quick, or quite the opposite with hair that is too short, or hair that’s difficult to manage on your own. I’m here to help!

Question #1: “How did your haircut do/wear?”

Alright, basically they are asking, was your hair in your eyes too quickly, did your hair seem too thick, or did you have hair touching your collar before you were ready. They want to know if the cut they gave you last time was too short, too long or if it needed refining. Now is the time to tell them anything about your hair that annoyed you while you were out of the salon. You know, that little tuft that keeps falling over your ear or the random section in the back that seemed to get longer quicker than the rest.

Question #2: “How do you style your hair?”

This one seems simple. Here is my tip, be 110% real. If the routine is to get out of the shower and not touch it, let them know that. If you spend an hour drying and making sure everything is in its place, let them know. (If this is your first visit with this salon, this is a good time to let them know about cowlick or any annoying spots that don’t behave.) This question is important because if you get a cut that requires a bit of style, your stylist needs to know the level of effort you want to put in each day. Which brings me to my next question….

Question: #3: “What type of finish do you like?”

Finish? Like on my furniture? No, no. When a stylist asks this they want to know, is shiny gel-ed up hair your thing or do you like matte looking hair? Do you want to be able to run your fingers through it all day, or do you want a style that will stay when you put the top of your car down? When a stylist asks this, think about what you spend the most time doing.

The summation of all three points is to be honest. Stylists want to help you have an easy, but killer, hair day, everyday. I hope that this helps make your next visit successful and doesn’t leave you feeling confused!

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