Blown Away

varis-dryer-copyWhen I say I’m in love with our new Varis tools I really mean it. I’m mostly in love with how easy it makes my life (both as a person who attempts to look put together on a daily basis and a full time hairstylist). I initially took the dryer home to replace my old one. I have a confession, I find it difficult to do a full blow out on myself. But when I started drying my hair with the Varis dryer it was a completely different experience. I wasn’t getting overheated, my arms wren’t getting a solid workout and just with blowdryer and brush (and my heat protectant) I was getting a soft smooth blowout! I’m telling you, this one is different. With Hydroionic crystal technology, this tool line provides exactly what it promises. Varis offers full range of brushes, a flat iron and a blow dryer so with the right tools and teaching you can have the hair you want.

Still don’t believe me? Check out Elle’s article for their picks of best blow dryer. They find that Varis is best for reducing frizz. From first hand experience I promise you it’s true!

- Caitie

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