Dear men…

Dear men,

Have you ever sat in your hairstylist’s chair and been utterly confused by the questions they ask? “How did your haircut do?” “How do you style your hair?” “What kind of finish do you like?” …I’m sorry, what? One of my close guy friends recently told me, “I don’t understand the questions, so I just let my stylist do whatever they want.” This can result in hair that is too long, too quick, or quite the opposite with hair that is too short, or hair that’s difficult to manage on your own. I’m here to help!

Question #1: “How did your haircut do/wear?”

Alright, basically they are asking, was your hair in your eyes too quickly, did your hair seem too thick, or did you have hair touching your collar before you were ready. They want to know if the cut they gave you last time was too short, too long or if it needed refining. Now is the time to tell them anything about your hair that annoyed you while you were out of the salon. You know, that little tuft that keeps falling over your ear or the random section in the back that seemed to get longer quicker than the rest.

Question #2: “How do you style your hair?”

This one seems simple. Here is my tip, be 110% real. If the routine is to get out of the shower and not touch it, let them know that. If you spend an hour drying and making sure everything is in its place, let them know. (If this is your first visit with this salon, this is a good time to let them know about cowlick or any annoying spots that don’t behave.) This question is important because if you get a cut that requires a bit of style, your stylist needs to know the level of effort you want to put in each day. Which brings me to my next question….

Question: #3: “What type of finish do you like?”

Finish? Like on my furniture? No, no. When a stylist asks this they want to know, is shiny gel-ed up hair your thing or do you like matte looking hair? Do you want to be able to run your fingers through it all day, or do you want a style that will stay when you put the top of your car down? When a stylist asks this, think about what you spend the most time doing.

The summation of all three points is to be honest. Stylists want to help you have an easy, but killer, hair day, everyday. I hope that this helps make your next visit successful and doesn’t leave you feeling confused!

We live in a world full of updates. Is your style keeping up?

Do you have the latest version of iOS? Have you updated your bank app lately? Things are constantly changing today, updating and becoming better. You may wonder, how does that apply to your style? I’ve come up with three totally simple ways to give yourself a little refresh.

1) Don’t have this week for color? There are a lot more options! In the salon we have this thing called a Colorance. Our stylist use the term glaze. A glaze can be used for various reasons including color balancing after a highlight, adjusting the tone of the existing hair and enhance your fresh color. But did you know there is such thing as a clear glaze? This helps add smoothness, shine and manageability to your hair in one quick session.

*The fine print: Typically takes around 45 min. Cost will vary depending on your hair!

2) Need a cut update? These little changes make a huge difference: fringe, layers and texturizing. Fringe has so many options! Straight across, thick, side-swept, long. While some bangs, like straight across, require a  bit more commitment, long, soft, side-swept ones are easy to keep up with and can change the way our face looks completely! Not to mention, it adds endless styling benefits. Layering and texturizing are two things that really help out our curly girls! If you want to wear your hair long, but still have bounce, add some layers! This takes out weight that pulls on your curls giving you that flat at the scalp and poofy at the bottom look. (Side note, layerless and thick hair can actually cause headaches, too!)

3) Product change: sometimes all you need for a little pick me up is introducing a new product to the party. Want effortless beach waves? Pick up some Arrojo Styling Whip and Wave Mist. Boom! Want a sleeker blowout? Try Arrojo Dry Conditioner (yes, that’s a thing!) or Goldwell’s Flat Marvel. Stop by the salon where any of our stylist would be happy to help you pick something out! Sometimes these little adjustments are just enough to give us the umph we need! Give us a call or come see us so we can update to the newest version of you!

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Bought Arrojo Dry Shampoo? Keys for Success!


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Hello loves! For some reason, my hair is fighting me this week. Am I alone?

Because I’m having such a hard time with it, I was inspired to share with you all Arrojo’s ReFINISH Dry Shampoo. Dry shampoo tends to be a complicated subject. What is it? How do I use it? When do I use it? Is it right for me? This post will answer all those questions and make you a pro in dry shampoo!


Firstly, I want to start by disproving a myth.

“You cannot use dry shampoo on first day hair.”

Actually, our stylists LOVE this product on freshly styled hair! I know what you’re thinking; well what’s the purpose in that? Dry shampoo offers a lot of benefits for our guests with fine or limp hair. The process would go like this: go ahead and work in your wet hair products, (I would recommend Arrojo Protective Thickening Lotion if you’re suffering from thin, lifeless hair.) and dry like normal. Once your hair is dry, this is when the dry shampoo swoops in. Focus on spraying on the target areas-your hairline, crown and sides of head. This will achieve volume and bring some va-voom to your hair by adding some grip and movement! By using this first day, it acts as a preventative for any oils that may arise throughout your day, in addition to creating texture within your style.


Second day hair presents another way to use your dry shampoo: Use it to achieve freshness for the whole day. This is one of the main reasons why I love to carry this to the gym with me! Make sure after you spray into the target areas mentioned above you brush out the excess before finishing your style to refresh throughout.


Using this product is going to help your hair in several different ways. By using this instead of washing every day, your color is going to last a little longer; your shampoo and conditioner are going to last longer as well! Another pro is that instead of getting product on top of product, this really works to remove buildup so you have a fresh start every day, even when you don’t wash.


I hope this post helps you with going a little longer between washes and inspires you to refresh your hair-and mind!

Do I need that brush?

Do you really need to add that brush to your collection? Here’s a breakdown of what each of  them do:

Round paddle brush- $28

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Who is this good for? We love using our round paddles on curly, frizzy or thick hair.

Why do I need this at home? If you are trying to achieve a smooth, silky look this brush is what you need! This brush is unique because it contains a mixture of nylon and Boar bristles. What does this mean? Nylon bristles gentle remove any tangles while boar bristles work to smooth your hair into a sleek style. Depending on hair texture, this is good for a pre-straightening routine or could replace straightening completely with the correct smoothing products!

Square Paddle Brush- $29

ARROJO square paddle brush

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Who would love this brush? Anyone with lots of hair, looking to cut down styling time.

Why do I need this at home? Using this brush as an aide to styling long hair is a game changer because of its large size. It takes care of a lot of hair all at once! Use this in conjunction with your dryer to help detangle, smooth and dry hair beautifully.

Round Brushes

Ceramic Round & Small Ceramic Round –$30 and $23

ARROJO ceramic round brush

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ARROJO small ceramic brush

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Who are round brushes good for? Round brushes are perfect  for anyone who is craving volume, smoothness and anyone with bangs!

Why do I need this at home? Round brushes are great to keep in your collection for various reasons. For short hair, round brushes are essential to creating volume and smoothness without a curling iron. For longer hair round brushes provide a volume building aspect, while also helping smooth longer hair. Because these brushes are vented they provide the warmth your hair needs to result in incredibly smooth hair! Medium length and long hair will benefit from this because round brushes allow you to create incredible movement and direction…think flowy, long layers! Lastly, I love using round brushes on anyone with side bangs, straight across bangs, or cowlicks. Again, because these brushes allow precise placement, you don’t have to worry about your bangs falling in your eyes or parting in the middle of the day. For any stubborn spots such as cowlicks or whirls, these brushes work miracles.

Detangling Brush- $16

ARROJO detangling brush

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Who are detangling brushes good for? Everyone benefits from this!

Why do I need this brush at home? Everyone from your little girl, to your man, to yourself are going to fall in love with this. This detangling brush moves  through the hair like butter, free of snags, pulls or breaking. How awful is it to be brushing your hair and hear SNAP! ? Ouch! This is your solution! Combine this miracle worker with a little conditioning spray for the most luxurious brush out experience!